Juventus 1-1 Arsenal: Women’s Champions League – as it happened

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22.15 GMT

Thank you so much for joining me for this Women’s Champions League match! Arsenal will rue the chances they failed to take in the first half Beerensteyn got Juventus off the mark in the second. But Miedema equalised to ensure they remain top of the group. For all the action have a read of Sophie Downey’s report below. Our Women’s Champions League coverage will continue on 7 December with Arsenal hosting Juventus. See you then!

Vivianne Miedema applies finishing touch to earn Arsenal point at Juventus

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22.13 GMT

The other match which kicked off at 8pm GMT was between Benfica and Rosengard. The Spanish side earned themselves a 1-0 win. Earlier today Barcelona beat Bayern Munich 3-0 and Lyon defeated Zurich by the same goal line.

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22.12 GMT

The result means Arsenal remains top of Group C, they were temporarily dethroned in the ten minutes Juventus were ahead but the equaliser put them back on top.

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22.02 GMT

Just to take a look at the shots, each team had a similar amount but Arsenal had more promising chances. Arsenal had 18 attempts with four on target and Juventus had 11 shots with two on target. Peyraud-Magnin had a great evening to deny Arsenal the full three points.

24m ago

21.55 GMT

Full-time: Juventus 1-1 Arsenal

After all of Arsenal’s chances it was Juventus who opened the scoring through Beerensteyn but the visitors were quick to reply with Miedema heading in from a corner.

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21.54 GMT

90 + 6 min: Oh my word Miedema found Foord in a great position. It was a one-on-one for the Australian but it’s a great call from Peyraud-Magnin to come out and challenge her. What an intervention but the keeper looks injured from it, there’s a break in play. Beerensteyn is also off with Juventus make another change.

26m ago

21.52 GMT

90 + 4 min: Girelli gets the ball to Beerensteyn who gets a shot away. It’s deflected and Zinsberger collects. She releases her team quickly as both sides try and find a winner here. Possession exchanges hands and Arsenal again are on the hunt! It is breathless.

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21.50 GMT

90 + 2 min: Catley tries to find a teammate but it is Rosucci again who manages to take it away from Arsenal. Confirmation it was Walti who got a yellow, I think it was for dissent.

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21.49 GMT

90 min: Miedema and McCabe exchange some nice passes but the resulting chance from Miedema sails over the bar. Beerensteyn looks to counter but she is judged offside, I expect there to be quite a bit of added time here. McCabe or Walti has been booked but the stream has not made it clear which, I’ll update you when I can. There will be five minutes added.

31m ago

21.48 GMT

90 min: Foord puts in a great cross but Rosucci heads away, a great defensive move there! Catley gives away a free kick and Juventus will have to find a winner from deep. They fire it upfield but they lose it and Arsenal are on the counter!

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21.46 GMT

88 min: Catley wins a free kick from deep in their own half after Beerensteyn fouls, the Juventus star needs to be careful after picking up the yellow. Arsenal are building from deep, they do get it in the box but Blackstenius can’t get it out from under her feet.

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21.45 GMT

86 min: Maanum takes it but Girelli heads away and Juventus are on the counter. Beerensteyn collects a great ball to win a throw. Foord wins it back with Lenzini putting in a foul, though some may judge the Arsenal player at fault there.

Frida Maanum looks to play a pass.

Frida Maanum looks to play a pass.

Photograph: Giuseppe Cottini/Getty Images

Updated at 21.47 GMT

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21.42 GMT

84 min: They take it quickly but get it in the box, Beattie looks as though she has conceded a corner but Juventus are ruked offside. The hosts make changes as Bonansea and Caruso are off for Cantore and Bonfantini.arsenal win a free kick with McCabe challenged by Beerensteyn and it earns the Juventus player a yellow.

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21.40 GMT

82 min: Beerensteyn gets the ball in but Beattie heads away. Arsenal get it upfield and Blackstenius does really well to get away from Grosso but her pass to Maanum isn;t gathered. Girelli wins a free kick on halfway thanks to a foul from Foord.

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21.38 GMT

80 min: Wienroither is coming off but she was able to walk off by herself which is a good sign. Maritz is on in her place.

42m ago

21.37 GMT

79 min: On the replay it looks as though she has been elbowed in the head. Wienroither is getting a lot of attention, hopefully she is okay here.

43m ago

21.36 GMT

77 min: McCabe gives away a cheap free kick with a horrible challenge on Grosso. They take it short and run it to halfway but it is thundered into the box. Wienroither has been hit in the face in the defence and we have another break in play.

46m ago

21.33 GMT

75 min: Bonansea can’t believe a free kick has gone Arsenal’s way as the visitors go on the attack. Miedema gets a shot away and she is inches from an absolute screamer!

48m ago

21.31 GMT

73 min: There’s a great battle happening between Grosso and McCabe with the Juventus player the latest winner in the exchanges. Juventus are building here, they are searching for a winner but Miedema wins it back.

Julia Grosso tangles with Vivianne Miedema.

Julia Grosso tangles with Vivianne Miedema.

Photograph: Chris Ricco/Getty Images

Updated at 21.38 GMT

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21.29 GMT

71 min: It looks as though it is her ankle they are looking at here, she is okay to continue though. Miedema is right back in the action but her pass has too much on it to find McCabe.

51m ago

21.28 GMT

69 min: It comes in but headed away, Grosso loses out in the fight for the loose ball with Foord. Miedema is down which will be a worry for Arsenal.

54m ago

21.25 GMT

67 min: Salvai is okay to continue here, surprising with that smack to the head. Juventus do have a free kick from that foul, they take it short and it’s slightly wasted as they are forced back to halfway. They do eventually win a corner though and Caruso will be the taker.

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21.23 GMT

65 min: Blackstenius receives a yellow card for a high challenge on Salvai. The Juventus player needs some attention here so there is a break in play. Blackstenius apologised as soon as it happened. On the replay Blackstenius has kicked her in the head, aiming for the ball though. Arsenal take the break to make their first change as Nobbs is off for Beattie.

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21.21 GMT

63 min: What a response! Their first proper chance since conceding and of course it is Miedema who equalises. It is her first goal in seven matches which is unheard of for the striker, she will be happy to be back on the scoresheet. But here we are, Juventus are replying! Grosso gets a shot but it just sails over the bar, what a match!

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21.20 GMT

GOAL! Juventus 1-1 Arsenal (Miedema, 61')

Maanum is the taker this time and Miedema heads home!

Arsenal are level!

Arsenal are level!

Photograph: Massimo Pinca/Reuters

Updated at 21.31 GMT

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21.19 GMT

61 min: Girelli takes a punt from almost halfway but it’s wide. Arsenal peel away through Nobbs and Blackstenius has it in the box but Rosucci concedes a corner.

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21.18 GMT

59 min: While Beerensteyn receives treatment, Eidevall has called all of his players over for a pep talk. The goal scorer is back up and is staying on here.

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21.16 GMT

58 min: Bonansea has a lovely connection and footwork, she gets a cross into Beerensteyn but it has too much on it. Boattin takes a shot but it’s blocked. The goal has been a momentum swing and Arsenal will have to strike soon to quell it. There’s a slight break in play as Beerensteyn is down.

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21.14 GMT

56 min: Arsenal lost their first match of the season last weekend to Manchester United and they are heading to another loss here. If they do lose this one they will be knocked off the top of the group with Juventus leapfrogging them. They are oozing with confidence now with Caruso taking a shot but it goes wide.

1h ago

21.12 GMT

54 min: Beerensteyn has been the attacking threat for the hosts and my, oh my she took her chance with both hands there! And could she double their lead here? No, she is ruled offside. But that goal will have given Juventus a lot of confidence.

1h ago

21.11 GMT

52 min: Juventus counter and Beerensteyn is unlocked, she finds herself in a one-on-one with Zinberger and she slots it in the bottom left corner. For all the Arsenal chances they are behind!

1h ago

21.11 GMT

GOAL! Juventus 1-0 Arsenal (Beerensteyn, 51')

Oh wow!

Juventus lead through Lineth Beerensteyn!

Juventus lead through Lineth Beerensteyn!

Photograph: Filippo Alfero/Juventus FC/Getty Images

Updated at 21.13 GMT

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21.09 GMT

51 min: Nobbs puts in a great cross, Foord chests it to the floor but she is denied at the near post! An Arsenal corner to come, Catley puts it in but Peyraud-Magnin punches away for another corner. Catley the taker once again and Wubben-Moy heads towards goal but it is cleared off the line! So close!

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21.07 GMT

49 min: Juventus are sloppy from a throw but Blackstenius gives it away. Girelli tries to find Beerensteyn but the pass has too much on it and Zinsberger is able to collect. A yellow card come to Pedersen for a challenge on Walti who is down here. She looks a bit weak on her foot but she is able to continue.

1h ago

21.05 GMT

47 min: It’s a bright start from Juventus as Beerensteyn gets it in the box but McCabe does enough to thwart the attack.

1h ago

21.03 GMT

Back underway! Juventus 0-0 Arsenal

The second 45 is underway! Will we see some goals or will it stay in a deadlock? We’ll soon find out …

1h ago

21.02 GMT

I’m anticipating some Arsenal goals this half, what do you think? Let me know via Twitter and email.

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20.58 GMT

The WSL match has ended 3-3! The point for each team means their table position has not changed with Liverpool still 10th and Reading in 11th. It has taken Reading to four points ahead of bottom Leicester City though, which could be important later in the season.

1h ago

20.53 GMT

There is also a Women’s Super League match taking place this evening, a postponed fixture between Liverpool and Reading. It has been a thriller! The game is in its closing stages and it is currently 3-3. Both will be keen to get the result as they are towards the bottom of the table.

It’s a six-goal thriller between Reading and Liverpool.

It’s a six-goal thriller between Reading and Liverpool.

Photograph: Warren Little/Getty Images

Updated at 20.55 GMT

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20.50 GMT

In the other match happening right now in the tournament Benfica are 1-0 up over Rosengard. Lacasse was the scorer in that one.

2h ago

20.48 GMT

Half-time: Juventus 0-0 Arsenal

Caruso had a great chance just before the break but it goes wide. It has been the Arsenal show with Blackstenius missing three great chances but Juventus have displayed promise on the counter-attack. The hosts have also soaked up a lot of pressure and they will be happy to keep them out.

2h ago

20.47 GMT

45 min: McCabe and Salvai get a talking to ahead of the corner take for some shoving in the box. The kick comes in but Blackstenius heads away and then Pedersen fouls.

2h ago

20.45 GMT

44 min: Juventus are building here, the first time they’ve been on the ball for a while. Girelli gets a header in the box but it’s Zinsberger who collects. Beerensteyn is found in a great position with McCabe unable to close down the chance. Walti sends it out for a corner, great play from Juventus there.

2h ago

20.43 GMT

42 min: I’ve been watching a lot of Taskmaster lately and I’m finding myself narrating the match in the style of the show in my head. For example: the most goals win, you have 90 minutes, your time started 42 minutes ago. I will stick to the usual commentary … Back to the game and Blackstenius has missed another huge chance! Foord gets a great ball across and Blackstenius is inches from tapping it in.

2h ago

20.41 GMT

40 min: McCabe does well to block Grosso and Arsenal counter, Blackstenius is in a great position and finds herself in a one-on-one position with Peyraud-Magnin but it’s a huge save from the keeper to deny her!

2h ago

20.39 GMT

38 min: Foord wins a free kick for a soft foul, this match is high pace but the good defence by both sides are just stalling the attacks so far.

Juventus' Barbara Bonansea in action with Frida Maanum of Arsenal.

Juventus' Barbara Bonansea in action with Frida Maanum of Arsenal.

Photograph: Massimo Pinca/Reuters

Updated at 20.46 GMT

2h ago

20.37 GMT

36 min: Blackstenius and Foord don’t quite click in the box to rue another chance. Here they come again though and Blackstenius gets another shot but it’s blocked by Rosucci.

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