Colorado Election Results: Biggest Winners and Losers, Closest Calls

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The biggest: the District 3 face-off between incumbent Republican Lauren Boebert and Democratic challenger Adam Frisch, as well as the District 8 showdown pitting Republican Barb Kirkmeyer against Democrat Yadira Caraveo. Right now, both are too close to call — although the Dems are ahead in each race.

Note that as of last week,


Meanwhile, Republican dreams of gaining majorities in the Colorado General Assembly have disappeared. Democrats prevailed in the highest profile Senate contests, including the District 20 and 27 races in which Lisa Cutter and Tom Sullivan fended off Republican opponents Tim Walsh and Tom Kim, effectively foiling the GOP's plan to flip that chamber. Meanwhile, the Dems are certain to remain in charge of the state House of Representatives. One potential shocker: Democrat Robert "Bob" Marshall, who made headlines when he sued the Douglas County School District Board of Education earlier this year, is actually leading Republican Kurt Huffman in extremely conservative District 43, albeit by a slim amount.

As for statewide ballot issues, all three related to alcohol and business regulations (propositions 124, 125 and 126) are underwater right now, although the last two are close, and Proposition 122, which would legalize psilocybin in the state, is ahead, but not by much.

Continue to see the unofficial numbers as of 5:21 a.m. The summaries of the ballot measures come courtesy of

U.S. SenateMichael Bennet: 54.95%
Joe O'Dea: 42.49%
T.J. Cole: 0.60%
Brian Peotter: 1.52%
Frank Atwood: 0.45%

U.S. Representative — District 1Diana DeGette: 79.60%
Jennifer Qualteri: 18.39%
John C Kittleson: 2.02%

U.S. Representative — District 2Joe Neguse: 69.83%
Marshall Dawson: 28.39%
Gary L. Nation: 0.54%
Tim Wolf: 0.49%
Steve Yurash: 0.76%

U.S. Representative — District 3Adam Frisch: 50.59%
Lauren Boebert: 49.41%

U.S. Representative — District 4Ian McCorkle: 37.62%
Ken Buck: 60.09%
Ryan McGonigal: 2.29%

U.S. Representative — District 5David Torres: 40.87%
Doug Lamborn: 55.89%
Brian Flanagan: 2.21%
Christopher Mitchell: 1.03%

U.S. Representative — District 6Jason Crow: 60.97%
Steven Monahan: 37.45%
Eric C. Mulder: 1.58%

U.S. Representative — District 7Brittany Pettersen: 57.44%
Erik Aadland: 40.53%
Ross Klopf: 1.55%
Critter Milton: 0.48%

U.S. Representative — District 8Yadira Caraveo: 49.05%
Barbara Kirkmeyer: 47.09%
Richard Ward: 3.86%

Governor/Lieutenant GovernorHeidi Ganahl/Danny Moore: 40.33%
Jared Polis/Dianne Primavera: 57.58%
Paul Noël Fiorino/Cynthia Munhos De Aquino Sirianni: 0.23%
Danielle Neuschwanger/Darryl Gibbs: 0.82%
Kevin Ruskusky/Michele Poague: 1.04%

Secretary of StatePam Anderson: 43.37%
Jena Griswold: 54.12%
Gary Swing: 0.41%
Jan Kok: 0.16%
Amanda Campbell: 0.64%
Bennett Rutledge: 1.30%

State TreasurerDave Young: 52.84%
Lang Sias: 44.13%
Anthony J. Delgado: 3.03%

Attorney GeneralJohn Kellner: 44.31%
Phil Weiser: 53.69%
William F. Robinson III: 2.01%

Amendment D (Constitutional)Requires the Governor to designate judges from the 18th judicial district to serve in the newly created 23rd judicial district
Yes/For: 67.51%
No/Against: 32.49%

Amendment E (Constitutional)Extends an existing homestead exemption for disabled veterans to the surviving spouses of military personnel and certain veterans Yes/For: 87.95%
No/Against: 12.05%

Amendment F (Constitutional)Allows the operators and managers of charitable gaming activities to be paid and allows the legislature to determine how long an organization must exist to obtain a charitable gaming license Yes/For: 39.06%
No/Against: 60.94%

Proposition FF (Statutory)Reduces the allowable state income tax deduction amounts; creates and funds the Healthy School Meals for All Program Yes/For: 55.11%
No/Against: 44.89%

Proposition GG (Statutory)Requires a table showing changes in income tax owed for average taxpayers in certain brackets to be included in the ballot title and fiscal summary for any citizen initiative that would increase or decrease the individual income tax rateYes/For: 70.84%
No/Against: 29.16%

Proposition 121 (Statutory)Reduce the state income tax rate from 4.55% to 4.40% for tax years commencing on or after January 1, 2022Yes/For: 65.53%
No/Against: 34.47%

Proposition 122 (Statutory)Creates a natural medicine services program for the supervised administration of dimethyltryptamine, ibogaine, mescaline (excluding peyote), psilocybin, and psilocyn; creates a framework for regulating the growth, distribution, and sale of such substances to permitted entities; creates the Natural Medicine Advisory BoardYes/For: 51.03%
No/Against: 48.97%

Proposition 123 (Statutory)Dedicates a portion of revenues (one tenth of one percent) from existing income tax revenues and allocates funds to housing projects, including "affordable housing financing programs that will reduce rents, purchase land for affordable housing development, build assets for renters, support affordable homeownership, serve persons experiencing homelessness, and support local planning capacity"Yes/For: 50.66%
No/Against: 49.34%

Proposition 124 (Statutory)Incrementally increases the number of retail liquor store licenses an individual may own or hold a share inYes/For: 37.58%
No/Against: 62.42%

Proposition 125 (Statutory)Creates a new fermented malt beverage and wine retailer license to allow grocery stores, convenience stores, and other businesses that are licensed to sell beer to also sell wine and conduct wine tastingsYes/For: 49.83%
No/Against: 50.17%

Proposition 126 (Statutory)Allows retail establishments licensed to sell alcohol for off-site consumption to offer a delivery service or provide for a third-party alcohol delivery serviceYes/For: 47.30%
No/Against: 52.70%

State Senator, District 1Byron Pelton: 100%

State Senator, District 3Nick Hinrichsen: 53.00%
Stephen A. Varela: 47.00%

State Senator, District 4Mark Baisley: 59.47%
Jeff Ravage: 40.53%

State Senator, District 7Janice Rich: 69.63%
David C. Stahlke: 30.37%

State Senator, District 8Dylan Roberts: 55.92%
Matt Solomon: 44.08%

State Senator, District 9Paul Lundeen: 61.71%
Arik Dougherty: 36.15%
Steve Darnell: 2.15%

State Senator, District 11Tony Exum: 50.87%
Dennis Hisey: 43.96%
Daryl Kuiper: 5.17%

State Senator, District 15Rob Woodward: 48.23%
Janice Marchman: 51.77%

State Senator, District 20Lisa A. Cutter: 54.96%
Tim Walsh: 42.98%
BetteRose Ryan: 2.07%

State Senator, District 22Colby Drechsel: 32.22%
Jessie Danielson: 67.78%

State Senator, District 24Kyle Mullica: 54.57%
Courtney Potter: 42.84%
Donald Osborn: 2.58%

State Senator, District 25Melody Peotter: 38.21%
Faith Winter: 61.79%

State Senator, District 27Tom Kim: 44.14%
Tom Sullivan: 55.86%

State Senator, District 30Kevin Van Winkle: 53.39%
Braeden Miguel: 46.61%

State Senator, District 32Robert Rodriguez: 75.47%
Dean Flanders: 24.53%

State Senator, District 34Julie C. Gonzales: 100%

State Senator, District 35Rod Pelton: 72.68%
Travis Star Nelson: 27.32%

State Representative, District 1Guillermo Diaz: 33.35%
Javier Mabrey: 64.21%
Kyle Furey: 2.44%

State Representative, District 2Steven Woodrow: 74.48%
Stephanie Wheeler: 24.24%
Justin Savoy: 1.27%

State Representative, District 3Marla Fernandez: 32.12%
Meg Froelich: 65.97%
Clayton Casciato: 1.90%

State Representative, District 4Jack Daus: 18.12%
Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez: 81.88%

State Representative, District 5Johnnie Johnson: 15.79%
Alex Valdez: 82.44%
Troy Brekke: 1.77%

State Representative, District 6Elisabeth Epps: 84.47%
Donald D. Howell: 15.53%

State Representative, District 7Jennifer Bacon: 100%

State Representative, District 8Hilleary Waters: 12.15%
Leslie Herod: 87.85%

State Representative, District 9Emily Sirota: 76.40%
Tom Cowhick: 23.60%

State Representative, District 10Junie Joseph: 88.47%
William B. DeOreo: 11.53%

State Representative, District 11Karen McCormick: 71.63%
Tara Menza: 28.37%

State Representative, District 12Anya Kirvan: 21.39%
Tracey Bernett: 78.61%

State Representative, District 13David Buckley: 41.79%
Julie McCluskie: 58.21%

State Representative, District 14Rob Rogers: 40.07%
Rose Pugliese: 59.93%

State Representative, District 15Scott T. Bottoms: 55.92%
Alvin Sexton: 40.38%
John Kaufman: 3.70%

State Representative, District 16Stephanie Vigil: 50.40%
Dave Donelson: 47.39%
John Hjersman: 2.21%

State Representative, District 17Regina English: 57.97%
Rachel Inez Stovall: 42.03%

State Representative, District 18Shana Black: 44.68%
Marc Snyder: 52.91%
Greg Lauer: 2.41%

State Representative, District 19Dan Woog: 46.04%
Jennifer Lea Parenti: 51.47%
Joe Johnson: 2.49%

State Representative, District 20Don Wilson: 100%

State Representative, District 21Kolten Montgomery: 41.89%
Mary Bradfield: 58.11%

State Representative, District 22Kenneth G. DeGraaf: 56.77%
Blake Garner: 40.49%
Michael Giallombardo: 2.74%

State Representative, District 23Monica Irasema Duran: 65.18%
Fred Clifford: 34.82%

State Representative, District 24Lindsey N. Daugherty: 57.86%
Bill Patterson: 42.14%

State Representative, District 25Colin Larson: 47.31%
Tammy Story: 50.85%
Todd Dennison: 1.84%

State Representative, District 26Savannah Wolfson: 46.31%
Meghan Lukens: 53.69%

State Representative, District 27Lynn Emrick: 39.30%
Brianna Titone: 58.44%
Jacob Luria: 2.26%

State Representative, District 28Sheila Lieder: 52.26%
Dan Montoya: 45.77%
Brian Bakkum: 1.97%

State Representative, District 29Shannon Bird: 61.49%
Vanessa DeMott: 38.51%

State Representative, District 30Russ Carter: 33.56%
Chris Kennedy: 66.44%

State Representative, District 31Said Sharbini: 59.00%
Heidi Pitchforth: 41.00%

State Representative, District 32Dafna Michaelson Jenet: 56.27%
Justin Brown: 43.73%

State Representative, District 33Stacie Dougherty: 40.70%
William Lindstedt: 59.30%

State Representative, District 34Jenny Willford: 55.01%
Kevin Allen: 42.38%
Rob Stutz: 2.61%

State Representative, District 35Craig Jones: 33.14%
Adrienne Benavidez: 66.86%

State Representative, District 36William Walters: 33.16%
Mike Weissman: 64.12%
Andrew Gibson: 2.72%

State Representative, District 37Paul Archer: 43.46%
Ruby Dickson: 56.54%

State Representative, District 38Jaylen Mosqueira: 41.91%
David Ortiz: 56.06%
Brandon L. McDowell: 2.02%

State Representative, District 39Eric Brody: 42.39%
Brandi Bradley: 57.61%

State Representative, District 40Naquetta Ricks: 61.81%
Le Sellers: 38.19%

State Representative, District 41Iman M. Jodeh: 64.38%
Stephanie Hancock: 35.62%

State Representative, District 42Cory Parella: 28.56%
Mandy Lindsay: 71.44%

State Representative, District 43Kurt Huffman: 49.05%
Robert "Bob" Marshall: 50.95%

State Representative, District 44Bob Henry: 40.55%
Anthony Hartsook: 56.69%
John Sutton: 2.76%

State Representative, District 45Lisa Frizell: 61.36%
Ruby Martinez: 38.64%

State Representative, District 46Jonathan Ambler: 43.93%
Tisha Lyn Mauro: 56.07%

State Representative, District 47Edwin Dean Ormiston: 36.13%
Ty Winter: 63.87%

State Representative, District 48Gabe Evans: 62.18%
Spring Erickson: 35.23%
Eric E. Joss: 2.58%

State Representative, District 49Judy Amabile: 64.34%
Kathryn Lehr: 33.30%
Daniel Lutz: 2.36%

State Representative, District 50Ryan Gonzalez: 46.63%
Mary Young: 49.99%
Kyle Moore: 3.38%

State Representative, District 51Hugh McKean: 100%

State Representative, District 52Cathy Kipp: 65.55%
Deborah ''Dee Dee'' Vicino: 34.45%

State Representative, District 53Andrew Boesenecker: 75.71%
Donna Walter: 24.29%

State Representative, District 54AliceMarie Slaven-Emond: 26.59%
Matt Soper: 73.41%

State Representative, District 55Damon Davis: 36.91%
Rick Taggart: 63.09%

State Representative, District 56Rod Bockenfeld: 75.03%
Kathleen J. Conway: 22.35%
Amy Lunde: 2.62%

State Representative, District 57Perry Will: 45.36%
Elizabeth Velasco: 54.64%

State Representative, District 58Kevin Stanley Kuns: 44.39%
Marc Catlin: 55.61%

State Representative, District 59Shelli Shaw: 43.16%
Barbara McLachlan: 56.84%

State Representative, District 60Kathryn Green: 32.70%
Stephanie Luck: 67.30%

State Representative, District 61Dave Woolever: 47.18%
Eliza Hamrick: 51.03%
Kevin Gulbranson: 1.79%

State Representative, District 62Matthew Martinez: 54.81%
Carol Riggenbach: 45.19%

State Representative, District 63Richard Holtorf: 100%

State Representative, District 64Richard Webster: 38.85%
Ryan Armagost: 61.15%

State Representative, District 65Lisa Chollet: 39.13%
Mike Lynch: 60.87%

In the week leading to the November 8 election, polls predicted few close races among candidates in major Colorado races . But while many of the outcomes were predictable, including the easy wins scored by Governor Jared Polis and incumbent U.S. Representatives Diana DeGette and Ken Buck, a number of others qualify as big surprises.The biggest: the District 3 face-off between incumbent Republican Lauren Boebert and Democratic challenger Adam Frisch, as well as the District 8 showdown pitting Republican Barb Kirkmeyer against Democrat Yadira Caraveo. Right now, both are too close to call — although the Dems are ahead in each race.Note that as of last week, FiveThirtyEight , considered the gold standard for election analysis, had Frisch winning in three out of 100 simulated models based on polling data, and Caraveo coming out on top in only eleven of 100. But currently, Frisch leads Boebert by just over 1 percent with approximately 93 percent of the District 3 vote counted, while Caraveo is up by around 2 percent, but with only 68 percent of District 8's ballots counted thus far.The figures below were updated by the Colorado Secretary of State's Office at 5:21 a.m. today, November 9. They show Polis easily outdistancing Republican Heidi Ganahl 57-40 percent, and District 1's DeGette, District 2's Joe Neguse, District 4's Buck, District 5's Doug Lamborn and District 6's Jason Crow, all incumbents, retaining their seats. In District 7, Brittany Pettersen, a Democrat chosen to follow retiring Congressman Ed Perlmutter, breezed to victory as well.Meanwhile, Republican dreams of gaining majorities in the Colorado General Assembly have disappeared. Democrats prevailed in the highest profile Senate contests, including the District 20 and 27 races in which Lisa Cutter and Tom Sullivan fended off Republican opponents Tim Walsh and Tom Kim, effectively foiling the GOP's plan to flip that chamber. Meanwhile, the Dems are certain to remain in charge of the state House of Representatives. One potential shocker: Democrat Robert "Bob" Marshall, who made headlines when he sued the Douglas County School District Board of Education earlier this year, is actually leading Republican Kurt Huffman in extremely conservative District 43, albeit by a slim amount.As for statewide ballot issues, all three related to alcohol and business regulations (propositions 124, 125 and 126) are underwater right now, although the last two are close, and Proposition 122, which would legalize psilocybin in the state, is ahead, but not by much.Continue to see the unofficial numbers as of 5:21 a.m. The summaries of the ballot measures come courtesy of Ballotpedia . Note that Hugh McKean's name was still on ballots for District 51 representative; he passed away late late last month.Michael Bennet: 54.95%Joe O'Dea: 42.49%T.J. Cole: 0.60%Brian Peotter: 1.52%Frank Atwood: 0.45%Diana DeGette: 79.60%Jennifer Qualteri: 18.39%John C Kittleson: 2.02%Joe Neguse: 69.83%Marshall Dawson: 28.39%Gary L. Nation: 0.54%Tim Wolf: 0.49%Steve Yurash: 0.76%Adam Frisch: 50.59%Lauren Boebert: 49.41%Ian McCorkle: 37.62%Ken Buck: 60.09%Ryan McGonigal: 2.29%David Torres: 40.87%Doug Lamborn: 55.89%Brian Flanagan: 2.21%Christopher Mitchell: 1.03%Jason Crow: 60.97%Steven Monahan: 37.45%Eric C. Mulder: 1.58%Brittany Pettersen: 57.44%Erik Aadland: 40.53%Ross Klopf: 1.55%Critter Milton: 0.48%Yadira Caraveo: 49.05%Barbara Kirkmeyer: 47.09%Richard Ward: 3.86%Heidi Ganahl/Danny Moore: 40.33%Jared Polis/Dianne Primavera: 57.58%Paul Noël Fiorino/Cynthia Munhos De Aquino Sirianni: 0.23%Danielle Neuschwanger/Darryl Gibbs: 0.82%Kevin Ruskusky/Michele Poague: 1.04%Pam Anderson: 43.37%Jena Griswold: 54.12%Gary Swing: 0.41%Jan Kok: 0.16%Amanda Campbell: 0.64%Bennett Rutledge: 1.30%Dave Young: 52.84%Lang Sias: 44.13%Anthony J. Delgado: 3.03%John Kellner: 44.31%Phil Weiser: 53.69%William F. Robinson III: 2.01%Yes/For: 67.51%No/Against: 32.49%Yes/For: 87.95%No/Against: 12.05%Yes/For: 39.06%No/Against: 60.94%Yes/For: 55.11%No/Against: 44.89%Yes/For: 70.84%No/Against: 29.16%Yes/For: 65.53%No/Against: 34.47%Yes/For: 51.03%No/Against: 48.97%Yes/For: 50.66%No/Against: 49.34%Yes/For: 37.58%No/Against: 62.42%Yes/For: 49.83%No/Against: 50.17%Yes/For: 47.30%No/Against: 52.70%Byron Pelton: 100%Nick Hinrichsen: 53.00%Stephen A. Varela: 47.00%Mark Baisley: 59.47%Jeff Ravage: 40.53%Janice Rich: 69.63%David C. Stahlke: 30.37%Dylan Roberts: 55.92%Matt Solomon: 44.08%Paul Lundeen: 61.71%Arik Dougherty: 36.15%Steve Darnell: 2.15%Tony Exum: 50.87%Dennis Hisey: 43.96%Daryl Kuiper: 5.17%Rob Woodward: 48.23%Janice Marchman: 51.77%Lisa A. Cutter: 54.96%Tim Walsh: 42.98%BetteRose Ryan: 2.07%Colby Drechsel: 32.22%Jessie Danielson: 67.78%Kyle Mullica: 54.57%Courtney Potter: 42.84%Donald Osborn: 2.58%Melody Peotter: 38.21%Faith Winter: 61.79%Tom Kim: 44.14%Tom Sullivan: 55.86%Kevin Van Winkle: 53.39%Braeden Miguel: 46.61%Robert Rodriguez: 75.47%Dean Flanders: 24.53%Julie C. Gonzales: 100%Rod Pelton: 72.68%Travis Star Nelson: 27.32%Guillermo Diaz: 33.35%Javier Mabrey: 64.21%Kyle Furey: 2.44%Steven Woodrow: 74.48%Stephanie Wheeler: 24.24%Justin Savoy: 1.27%Marla Fernandez: 32.12%Meg Froelich: 65.97%Clayton Casciato: 1.90%Jack Daus: 18.12%Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez: 81.88%Johnnie Johnson: 15.79%Alex Valdez: 82.44%Troy Brekke: 1.77%Elisabeth Epps: 84.47%Donald D. Howell: 15.53%Jennifer Bacon: 100%Hilleary Waters: 12.15%Leslie Herod: 87.85%Emily Sirota: 76.40%Tom Cowhick: 23.60%Junie Joseph: 88.47%William B. DeOreo: 11.53%Karen McCormick: 71.63%Tara Menza: 28.37%Anya Kirvan: 21.39%Tracey Bernett: 78.61%David Buckley: 41.79%Julie McCluskie: 58.21%Rob Rogers: 40.07%Rose Pugliese: 59.93%Scott T. Bottoms: 55.92%Alvin Sexton: 40.38%John Kaufman: 3.70%Stephanie Vigil: 50.40%Dave Donelson: 47.39%John Hjersman: 2.21%Regina English: 57.97%Rachel Inez Stovall: 42.03%Shana Black: 44.68%Marc Snyder: 52.91%Greg Lauer: 2.41%Dan Woog: 46.04%Jennifer Lea Parenti: 51.47%Joe Johnson: 2.49%Don Wilson: 100%Kolten Montgomery: 41.89%Mary Bradfield: 58.11%Kenneth G. DeGraaf: 56.77%Blake Garner: 40.49%Michael Giallombardo: 2.74%Monica Irasema Duran: 65.18%Fred Clifford: 34.82%Lindsey N. Daugherty: 57.86%Bill Patterson: 42.14%Colin Larson: 47.31%Tammy Story: 50.85%Todd Dennison: 1.84%Savannah Wolfson: 46.31%Meghan Lukens: 53.69%Lynn Emrick: 39.30%Brianna Titone: 58.44%Jacob Luria: 2.26%Sheila Lieder: 52.26%Dan Montoya: 45.77%Brian Bakkum: 1.97%Shannon Bird: 61.49%Vanessa DeMott: 38.51%Russ Carter: 33.56%Chris Kennedy: 66.44%Said Sharbini: 59.00%Heidi Pitchforth: 41.00%Dafna Michaelson Jenet: 56.27%Justin Brown: 43.73%Stacie Dougherty: 40.70%William Lindstedt: 59.30%Jenny Willford: 55.01%Kevin Allen: 42.38%Rob Stutz: 2.61%Craig Jones: 33.14%Adrienne Benavidez: 66.86%William Walters: 33.16%Mike Weissman: 64.12%Andrew Gibson: 2.72%Paul Archer: 43.46%Ruby Dickson: 56.54%Jaylen Mosqueira: 41.91%David Ortiz: 56.06%Brandon L. McDowell: 2.02%Eric Brody: 42.39%Brandi Bradley: 57.61%Naquetta Ricks: 61.81%Le Sellers: 38.19%Iman M. Jodeh: 64.38%Stephanie Hancock: 35.62%Cory Parella: 28.56%Mandy Lindsay: 71.44%Kurt Huffman: 49.05%Robert "Bob" Marshall: 50.95%Bob Henry: 40.55%Anthony Hartsook: 56.69%John Sutton: 2.76%Lisa Frizell: 61.36%Ruby Martinez: 38.64%Jonathan Ambler: 43.93%Tisha Lyn Mauro: 56.07%Edwin Dean Ormiston: 36.13%Ty Winter: 63.87%Gabe Evans: 62.18%Spring Erickson: 35.23%Eric E. Joss: 2.58%Judy Amabile: 64.34%Kathryn Lehr: 33.30%Daniel Lutz: 2.36%Ryan Gonzalez: 46.63%Mary Young: 49.99%Kyle Moore: 3.38%Hugh McKean: 100%Cathy Kipp: 65.55%Deborah ''Dee Dee'' Vicino: 34.45%Andrew Boesenecker: 75.71%Donna Walter: 24.29%AliceMarie Slaven-Emond: 26.59%Matt Soper: 73.41%Damon Davis: 36.91%Rick Taggart: 63.09%Rod Bockenfeld: 75.03%Kathleen J. Conway: 22.35%Amy Lunde: 2.62%Perry Will: 45.36%Elizabeth Velasco: 54.64%Kevin Stanley Kuns: 44.39%Marc Catlin: 55.61%Shelli Shaw: 43.16%Barbara McLachlan: 56.84%Kathryn Green: 32.70%Stephanie Luck: 67.30%Dave Woolever: 47.18%Eliza Hamrick: 51.03%Kevin Gulbranson: 1.79%Matthew Martinez: 54.81%Carol Riggenbach: 45.19%Richard Holtorf: 100%Richard Webster: 38.85%Ryan Armagost: 61.15%Lisa Chollet: 39.13%Mike Lynch: 60.87%
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